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February 2012 Archives

Part II: Dangers ahead for aging Baby Boom drivers

We wrote last week about a report from AAA that shows the coming challenges to traffic safety that will be posed by the Baby Boom generation. The first of the Baby Boomers retired last year, meaning this historically large generation is about to flood the roadways of America with older drivers.

North Carolina mourning the loss of 2 small boys

A North Carolina father of three was bringing his two young boys to daycare -- as he would on any other day -- when tragedy struck just after 8 in the morning. A Sears box truck hit the father, who was carrying his daughter at the time, and his two young sons. The father and daughter were unharmed, but the sons were fatally wounded in this truck accident.

North Carolina hit-and-run leaves family grieving

In one vehicle in suburban Charlotte was a mother, her young daughter, her teenage son, and some of her son's teenage basketball teammates. The boys were reportedly being taken to Carolina Place Mall in an SUV when a white or silver passenger car approached.

Six injured bus accident, including five children

When people hear the words "school bus accident," they often shutter at the thought of innocent children getting hurt. While transporting kids to school in the massive vehicles is generally very safe, accidents do happen. Sometimes crashes occur when other drivers disobey ordinary traffic rules.

Close calls come to an end at Charlotte car crash scene

Charlotte-Mecklenburg ambulance drivers and police officers know their way well around the city. They probably know their way to the intersection of Johnston Road and Providence Road West a little bit better than most spots around town.

Study: Brain injuries are an unexpected factor in incarceration

We've written in this space before about the causes of traumatic brain injuries. These head injuries are caused most often by falls (35 percent), says the Centers for Disease Control, followed by car accidents (17 percent), struck-by events (16 percent) and assaults (10 percent).

Millionaire adopts adult girlfriend in wrongful death lawsuit ploy?

The judge in a wrongful death lawsuit says a millionaire's latest legal maneuver borders "on the surreal." Observers wonder if the man is trying to protect himself and some substantial assets from justice.

$3.66 million wrongful death award upheld on appeal

As we've noted before in this space, tractor-trailers are large vehicles that pose a serious danger to other motorists. But 18-wheelers can also pose dangers to the truckers who drive them, as a case far from Charlotte, North Carolina, demonstrates.

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